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Hi all

Worked on a few logos today and wanted to see what you thought of them.

All the logos are in B/W at the moment as I'm just working on the actual concept before getting bogged down in colour.

My favourite is Number 1 as its slightly more playful than the others and i think it suits the client well. Logo 2 is more conservative but I still quite like the simplicity of it.

I personally think logo 5 is a bit unrefined if I'm honest, but I quite like the concept.

Finally, I was slightly concerned about logo 4 as when reversed it blatently looks like a 69 although I don;t know if I'm being a bit paranoid!

Anyway, all critique appreciated, thanks in advance!!!


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Without knowing what the brief is ... I like like 1 and 1a. I'd like to see a combination of those, maybe with tiles at irregular angles. Or arranged on two decks, as in 3.
I agree with the others 1 and 1a are both nice. I also quite like 4 and 5 but really it depends on who the client is, what they do and what they are looking for. But mostly it's nice to see someone on here who can come up with many good initial designs! Like it!
Thanks to everyone for the comments so far. Sorry I should have mentioned who the logo is for!

Its for a PR agency, so the difficulty was trying to come up with something that represents a 'Word' so anyway, to cut a long story short I started thinking of what a word is - almost like its an element that makes up something of greater significance, hence where the letter 'scrabble' tiles idea came from. Design 5 is the first idea I came up with, attempting to use the negative white space to show inverted commas to make a stylised letter W although i will admit that it does look like a first idea and is perhaps not as developed as the others.

So yes, they are supposed to look like stylised Scrabble tiles in a very loose way although I think 1 and 1a give me more scope for adding colour at a later stage so they won't appear in uniform beige or anything like that!

Design 4 was giving me nightmares before i flipped it as I had horrible visions of it ending up on one of these websites showing unintentional shall we say 'dodgy' logos with a rude underlying visual!

Cheers for your help!