Logo Crit again please


Hi, I've re-designed my logo that I showed you on here a couple of days ago. Looking for more critique or just comments really - I still don't know if I like it, so really looking for a second, third, fourth opinion :)

Hmm, I have an idea for you Curtis, to me only looking at what your showing us here without any other explanations of trying out stuff or exhausting other avenues is to not use the computer at this stage.

For me I have processes I go through to arrive at the end (or close to) kind of thing and I normally research, sketch, throw ideas, look at alternate ways or how it could be interpreted all before I show anything and I've normally done this at least 2-5 times already before arriving at something I'm happy with.

This means I have already arrived pretty much at my destination. Showing things to others without giving that kind of background normally ends up with "oh why didnt you try and do it this way" or "did you look at x,y,z ways of doing it". That's all well and good but you can bet I've already been down that route already myself before asking others. So it's important you give some background as to how you have arrived at your destination or close to.

I would say switch off the computer and go back to the sketch pad and draw some more until your happy with some ideas, then and only when you have a few concrete ideas get on the computer. Doing your own logo is harder than doing one for any other business which is not yours, we are our own worst critics.

Probably not the answer you were looking for but still 100% important.
Hi Kev,

Really I just want something simplistic, but it seems people say that simplistic 'doesn't stand out' etc.

Can't make my mind up as where to go with it. I could just go with text but it's not really what I want, another option is to stick as it is. Then thirdly I think maybe have some sort of symbol with the text. But I don't know. I am rarely out of ideas but it seems with my own logo of all things, I've hit a brick wall.

Any more comments/feedback would be appreciated
Hmm read more into my previous post, turn off your computer as it can be a distraction.
Focus on your logo for a couple of hours with sketches, have a coffee break, then focus some more.

I think it's important to have the possibilities of both a symbol and text and use either or both when the situation dictates.
Simple does work, look at Nike, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic etc.. the problem is too many people want the WOWBANG or fad logo.

Look at other designers logos, look at some of the long time great big company logos, create something that would stand the test of time.
What are you trying to say about yourself?

I think the answer to your symbol design lies there.

I'm sorry but this logo doesn't seem very designed to me :icon_confused:

As to the medium you use to design, you have to find what works with you. Personally I like sketching initially but sometimes, if I have a clear idea already, I can go straight to the MAC. Like most things, it depends…
I agree with Kev, no one said simple didn't work though just that the logo wasn't working at the time. Again to be honest that logo isn't working, and I think you've put an outline on the type next to the symbol because the kerning on it has gone terrible. Its very misaligned and looks quite awkward.
Sketch! Create! Go crazy, then refine it to something 'simple' that pleases you. I agree with the 'step away from the computer' just for the moment until you get a solid concept. Where have you looked for inspiration? I'm sorry if you mentioned this in your earlier thread, I have not read that one. It is very difficult designing for yourself, but you can do it, definately, I believe! :icon_smile: