Logo Concept


Here's the first of many concepts!

What do you think?

I like the idea of the symbol and I think the text looks smart - can never quite put my finger on why but it has that modern look that so many seem to have these days of which I'm a fan.

The thing that sticks out at me though is that I feel as though the gap between Kyle and the K symbol is too wide, it just feels like it's gaping out at me like a sore thumb, particularly when the N on the right hand side is tighter to it.
The 'k' isn't entirely apparent and I read the 'n' as a 'p' (looks like 'LLP' to me). Also not crazy about the way it balances.
Although maybe the 'N' could do with a bit of refinement.

Cheers dedward p, Still only a concept at the moment, alot of rough edges to work on
I was inspired by a Bauhaus piece I saw and adapted it into something of my own.
Hey! We all see things differently. It's definitely a 'p' though ...

I don't know why but i always get drawn to the name first, then to the graphic.
That's why I see it as 'N'. I think this is easily solved.

Does the name come after for everyone else?
Am I alone here? haha

What if the left hand side of the N was brought up so that it was level with the bottom of both the K and the right hand side of the N?

That way, the N wouldn't be mistaken for a P and also the gap would be removed helping the balance?

Just a thought.
The name comes for me first too.
I really like the idea, however, it still does look like a P if you're looking at it without reading the name.
What Deadwarp said there about changing the shape of it helping the balancing. I agree with that, the footprint of the whole thing is pretty huge?
Thanks for the sound advice, here's an updated version!


I do prefer that as I think that the initials become clearer without losing the design side of them. Maybe the gap still feels a slight touch too wide but I much prefer it :icon_smile: