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Hello, I’m a college student trying to learn motion graphics and animation. Here’s a YouTube link of my first my logo animation video:

I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback. Thank you


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There’s not a lot to critique practically, to be honest – four seconds of what Is, in effect, a simple video effect ‘adornment’. You haven’t animated the logo beyond a few frames of upward movement with a bit of easing – which is no bad thing. I’ve never been a fan of animated logos without vey good reason.

However the question I am left asking is, why? What is the purpose? If it is just to learn skills, then fine. Keep at it. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Anything you do, though, has to be appropriate and fitting and have an actual purpose, especially when it comes to other peoples IP and copyright material. What you did with the Rolex logo, in the real world, would have their IP lawyers reaching for their antacid pills whilst writing you a strongly-worded cease and desist letter (if you are lucky). It is such a long way from their, very finely-crafted and heavily-invested-in brand identity. I just can’t see them ever doing (or allowing) anything like that. It has far more of a Bugs Bunny than it does Rolex.

I am not saying this to deflate, but you must always keep a wider eye open. If you animate something, do it for a good, solid reason, or don’t do it at all – and always be appropriate to the subject you are dealing with. You wouldn’t write a kids’ book about a cute family of hedgehogs with the same language you’d use to write Heart of Darkness, for example.

Keep at it.


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Pretty much can see Rolex pulling this from YouTube. You cannot use others logos without express permission.


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It's not even remotely 'rolex' in it's appearance (actually it wouldn't suit ANY watch brand I know of, and I know A LOT) and in all honesty it feels like you've picked rolex because you know they're a popular brand in watch circles and are hoping to catch some of the youtube searches so you get more hits etc.

It doesn't match rolex branding (green and gold) and as said above feels far more like warner brothers intro (it's very similar in fact) for bugs bunny etc.


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First and foremost, You should learn you way around your animation software, it's tools and effects
2. You will need to get a good concept for your animation
3. Draw schematics for your concept, just to help you picture and visualise your logo animation before you jump in the animation engine/software