Logo and Business Card

I'm a magician from York, UK looking for someone to design me single sided business cards that I can give out when performing, I'm wanting them to be unique with modern, attractive artwork on so that when I give them out people WANT to keep them for the artwork and the way they look alone.
I perform at a variety of events from weddings to backstage to bands and would like the design to be suitable for all my clients (which is going to be the difficult part of designing I guess).

I would also like a logo, something incrporating my intials and going off the letters like retro/flowery swirls.

I've spent a lot of time looking for a designer as I'm wanting the designs to be exaclty what I invisage.
If the work is done well it could potentially lead to more work as in a few months I would like a website designer.

My email address is [email protected]

Thanks in advance.
I'll send you an email in a minute. Sounds like the perfect project for me as I've been doing magic for about 8 years now!
If your still looking i would love to do this, a magician! sounds fun! :)

Please take a look at my portfolio at Home or email [email protected]

my prices are low as i am trying to build up my freelance portfolio:

Business Card Design £20 (one side) £30 (2 sided)
Logo Design £55 (3 designs to choose from)
Logo Design £35 (one logo design)