Line edges are rough and jagged. Help!


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I can't seem to find a solution for this anywhere, so maybe someone here can help.

I have scanned my fineliner drawing directly from Photoshop (my usual scanner driver wasn't giving me good enough results and I was unable to get the monochrome effect I wanted).

Now, I have managed to get my illustration monochrome, for the most part (I need to polish it up a bit), but two things are happening: the edges of my lines are looking rough, sort of jagged (bare in mind I draw wonky on purpose, but not wanting this 'jagged' look), and when I zoom in, my image is becoming pixelated very quickly (more quickly than when I used the other scanner driver). Should I worry about this pixelation? Any ideas on how to get rid of the jagged edges would be great. I did notice when looking at the original scan, that perhaps because of the paper I used (?) the edges of my lines are slightly feathered, and perhaps that's why when I altered the brightness and contrast, and adjusted the levels, the image as turned out this way. I have tried all the sharpness filters too but they didn't do anything.

I posted about other issues I had been having in another post a few weeks ago, and I am just really lost. I have done this process some years ago and had no issue achieving the results I wanted, I just altered the brightness and contrast. Those images were drawn in the same style as this one with the same type of fineliner and probably on cheaper paper.


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I don't understand what you mean by 'scanned directly from Photoshop'. Do you mean scanned 'to' Photoshop? You need to scan through your scanner's settings for best results.

They look ok to me, but sharpness is usually down to the resolution that you scan at. I usually scan my art at 600dpi and 8bit greyscale but you can go higher
if your original is quite small.


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Line art needs to be 1200 ppi at output dimensions. That is if you want it 6inches x 4 inches. That is the size you scan to and the ppi should be 1200ppi.