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Hey guys,

I'm trying to do a bit of research for an Industrial Design project im doing in my final year at university. Im looking at task lighting and lightboxes in particular.

'd be really really grateful if youve got a minute to give me your opinion on the following points.

- Do you leave your belongings in the studio? Would you rather take them home?
- Is the lighting in your studio always sufficient for your work?
- Do you ever need more adjustable task lighting?
- Do you have any troubles with colour reproduction? I.e. does your work look different in the studio than at home, under different lights etc?
- Do you often use a lightbox?

If so....
- Would a lower profile (5-10mm) lightbox that took up less space on the desk and was comfortable to draw at help?
- If the task light / light box was portable, cool to the touch & battery powered would you carry it with you? Use it in places you normally couldn't? Library / train etc.
- What surface area would be comfortable / efficient to use, bearing in mind potability? A6? A5? iPad sized? A4? Bigger?
- Would you want anything else from a task light? Dimmable? Colour tunable? Grid Lines? etc.

Any opinions or answers, however much or little would be very very very appreciated folks.

Thank you.