letterhead advice needed


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Hi All,

Hope someone can help and Ill apologise in advice for my ignorance.

I recently got an a4 sales letter in the post however the top 3 or 4 inches of the page were coated ( i believe spot uv) and in this top section had a perforated push/pop out business card. I am really keen to use something like this in my own line of work but the designer I usually tuen to for letterheads etc doesnt understand what I am looking for. (i even emailed him a scan of a picture I drew of this!!).

Can anyone on here advise on what this is called and is it expensive? (I assume it is as the business card I imagine needs to be die cut?)

Again I apologise for my ignorance on this!

Many thanks

It sounds like a perforated piece of paper with a Spot UV finish, just like you said :icon_tongue_smilie:

Send an image of what it is exactly that you are after to us at: [email protected] and i'll see if we can help.
There is another way depending on how many you need to do.... which will work out cheaper than having cards die-cut/perforated. Are you wanting to personalise them? If you pm me details I can help/quote.