Legal concerns for a start-up Freelance Graphic Design


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Hi Guys

I am new to the website today, so hello to you all.

My experience in Graphic Design extends to about 4 years now, 3 of which were throughout my time at University, with 1 year post grad experience in the industry.

At some point in the near future I am looking to go freelance and am keen to work predominantly in brand identity/logo design/strap-line creation.

I am confident that my skills in design and communication are good enough to succeed and that I can find the right sort of business.

My only real concern about this venture is the legal aspect of the profession, mainly revolving around the use of the standard free fonts in the Adobe package? Can they be used for free in logo design? Do you need to request permission for these? Or must new fonts be purchased every time?

I am also unsure about the need to protect your artwork. Is it in the interest of the client to want to protect the designs or are we as designers obliged to register the trademark for them?

I have many questions about this area of the field that I feel I must be clear on before starting out.

If anyone can refer me to a book or website, or better still provide some advice based their own personal experience or understanding of the ‘rules’, I would very much appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance

If a font is part of the adobe software then you've paid for it in the price of that software. If is one you've downloaded from the internet you'd be best checking with the creator that its free for commercial use. As for the rest of it,... I dunno
In terms of Trade Mark protection - that is absolutely for the client to action. Make sure (obviously) your work is original.

The rest is not in one book - statute / common law / precedent / tort.

Always make sure that you provide quotations detailing the work you will be doing to avoid any scope for dispute later.