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I don't know much about fonts or graphics design, so I'm hoping I can get some help...

I have been asked to created a sample graphic that we can put on an LED display sign. The dimensions I've been given for the graphic are 16 x 96 pixels. I was told to use a 5x8 font for two rows of text.

I have photoshop and illustrator and iWork and Office... I'm using a Mac...

I've tried finding and downloading fonts and trying to use them in Photoshop, however they are all coming out as very blurry and grainy and too big for the canvas. I'd be very grateful if anyone can advise me on what steps I need to take?

I'd do it in illustrator and keep it as a vector for nice sharp and crisp edges and lines. Is this to go on an led style lightbox? 16x96 pixels is very very small, are you sure it's in pixels?
don't try and over complicate a design problem.

draw and align 16 rows of 96 dots.

layer underneath get an LED font that fits the dots

delete the dots above it which are in the spaces

delete the LED font and there you go the dots should be in the right pattern
thats probs not much help for the graphic itself, but thats how I'd approach the text problem.

Am I right in presuming this is for a ticker? if not ignore my above message!
Thanks for the replies.

Yeah, it's for an LED screen with ticker information... like you'd see at a bus stop telling you when the next bus is arriving. We just need a static image, so we can take a photograph of it to show what it can do...

I think I need to get more information about the hardware itself...

Thanks for the help.