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Hi All,

We recently launched an online service – where business owners can buy a ready website. On the website, the user needs to select a website & our team personalizes the selected website with content, pictures, videos, etc. as provided. We also host, manage and provide a bunch of other services needed for successfully running the website.

So, I seek any & all positive critique for the for improving the user experience and shopping experience. I also welcome your feedback on the service in general.

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First thing I do when reviewing any website these days is run a speed test.

Your site scores 4/100

I then look at the site on phone and the sample sites you offer are pretty dire.

Why would anyone want to lease a site when there are so many far better templates you can use for a lot less.

The testimonials look false and there are no case studies. And it's not revolutionary, I first saw this idea over 10 years ago.

Sorry but it's not very good.


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Took too long to load, left before it had loaded so can't really review it.... I'm on an 80Mbit connection and it felt like I was back of dial up.

People will not wait anywhere near as long as it took for your site to load.

Your 'biggest' competitors load pretty much instantly.


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Website design looks good, but workout site loading time must
Secondly on mobile the website hover is fixed instead it occurrence shall be on hover