Learning to code...


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Hey guys

I've been designing web graphics and full layouts for nigh over 10 years now and I've never ventured into the world of coding before.

Mainly I'd like to learn how to code my Photoshop layouts (mainly complex gaming team layouts) and incorporate them with a CMS. I have a few questions and I hope you can help me.

Where shall I start with this endeavour? Is the learning curve steep?

Can you recommend any online resources that will assist me?

Thanks in advance guys.
If you've no prior experience of coding, you should start with the basics of HTML and CSS. These are the foundations of pretty much any site, and a knowledge of them will be essential when it comes to actually coding CMS layouts.

W3Schools is probably the best place to start.
I too am learning code and have found that the easiest way to get a handle on it is to read as much as you can, put something together in Photoshop then read everything again whilst considering how it relates to what you've designed, how you'd implement x,y & z... I've found that this gives you a much better understanding of how things work and allows you to fill in gaps which you'd otherwise not notice by just reading or tutorials alone.