Learning PHP?


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I get the general gist of PHP and to an extent can read/write the very basics but this has been picked up from editing wordpress templates, so there are thumping great big holes in my knowledge.

I used W3School to learn the basics of html and css but scanning through the php documents on the site, it doesn't seem to have the same methodical approach it had to html etc... Google has also thrown up Codecademy which teaches through completing coding tasks. I enjoy the 'learning through doing' approach and the first 10 or so tasks are straight forward but it quickly becomes more of a memory test where you're asked to use what you learned in lessons 4, 7 and 10 to solve a problem in lesson 12 (my memory's not that good).

Can anyone recommend decent resources to help with learning php? books, sites etc..
I have started to use books to learn PHP. But I would imagine that lyndas.com would be brilliant too.