Learning Flash & Illustrator

Paul Hill

New Member
Hi Guys,

I have just signed up at Lynda.com to start learning Flash & Illustrator. Just wandering if anyone has used it before and if so, how they found it.

I'd leave flash to be honest. Its becoming a little outdated now and in terms of web use is not getting any stronger. We use lynda and the videos are great, some a little tedious but great none the less.
Really depends on what your goals are.

Illustrator is great from anything from 2 page posters (back an front any size) to actual illustrations of great detail.

Flash is great for animations and is completely separate to Illustrator.

Unless the two goals are unified.. depends.

Can you give us a clue to what you need?
I am interested in building websites (I've done some HTML and CSS) now I just need to practise with it.
I don't know if I'll waste my time to learn Flash or not..

I mean..after HTML and CSS, which is the next step?
Unless you specifically want to do flash based browser games then leave it. Flash is long-dead for websites.

Your next step is to practice, practice, practice.
Flash is still used a fair bit for offline things like information screens in museums and such places. Not sure how long that will continue to be the case though.