Leaflet design feedback


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Hi, I've been given the task of designing an A5 leaflet for a new company due to launch next month in a certain area.
I would be grateful if I could get your feedback on the two sides of the leaflets and suggest any improvements?

Thanks :)



I like your initial concept and use of colours. I would only suggest the use of a grid layout to ensure you align elements correctly (both horizontally and vertically) to create a more professional feel, my eyes are instantly drawn to the discrepancies in symmetry. Maybe use either centered or left aligned text in your shapes, the “Exclusive Competition” box in particular for me seems awkward. If you work on leading too in your text I think the overall effect will improve. (Only my opinion and it’s intended to be constructive).

Thanks Rachel,
Your feedback is really helpful and Im going to base the text on a grid system. I feel the back page could do with a bit more attention also.

Thanks :)

I think the initial concept is okay but personally, I think the typography needs to be a lot more refined. You need to think about the hierarchy of the type and which parts are the most important. Secondly, it's clear that you've just typed your text out and not considered the best way to fit it into the circles. You also need to look at your own design and figure out how to make the design have more impact.

My advice would be to look at any well-designed flyer and notice how the typography and graphic elements work together.

I hope this helps.

Not a bad start, but get rid of the glow on 'SAV£' on the first design or at least change it from the default setting.

A 'Normal' blend mode with the colour set to black and the opcacity lowered and the range increased can help elements 'pop'. Use it sparingly though and on a VERY low opacity.