Launched my website


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Hi Guys,

Recently invested in a website for my printing company: The Devon Printer , I'm a printer in Devon lol.

Just curious as to what you guys think of it, would love some critique so I know where I stand in the confusing world of website design.


Personally I think it needs some colour/imagery on there. At the minute it comes across as quite cold an unwelcoming, and appears to be unfinished/a basic wireframe. I'd beef up the headings too, making them a larger size and/or heavier weight.


The site of the agency that designed/built yours appears to also be unfinished. I'd hazard a guess that you're one of, if not the, first clients?
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there's lots of grey boxes...

it seems there's nowhere to go in the site. It'd be great to really screw down through the site to find out about your products, processes, clients, business ethos,... but it just seems to stop, where you'd hope it was about to give you an incite into the business.
I don't like the billiard balls.

I would like to see the following:

- some vibrancy and colours
- testimonials
- artwork and portfolio
- images - take the The Devon Printer | Services for instance - all text. Not very pretty to look at.
- prices/special offers
I recently did a redesign of a website for a pretty big company and the first thing on my mind whilst designing was I wanted to show off what they could do.....great print!

You need some nice images, close ups, vivid colours, get people excited about print. The layout in the middle of the site needs work, doesn't read well. But the logo and nav bar are nice and clean.