Last minute buyer's remorse... monitor advice, please..? (Thanks, and sorry!)


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This will be my first post on here, I think. Hi! Apologies for my rudeness and lack of netiquette, I should probably have introduced myself elsewhere first? I do hope I can be forgiven.

So. On to my plea for advice. :)

I decided today that I could afford to splurge on a new monitor for working on at home on freelance stuff and for general home use. I don't make a great deal of money from my freelance quite yet, so I am not in the market for anything much above £250. Also, with the current economic climate a good deal (more quality for less ££) would be most favourable.

I had a wee look on Ebuyer earlier, and noticed a nice-sized Dell monitor going at a reduced price since the box had been opened- this knocked a few £ off, taking it to around £185. (I've been looking at Dells since I have noticed a lot of people rate them- especially for colour.)

I am *extremely* un-technical, unfortunately, and so have a tendency to think along the lines of 'GAH...! This one will do!'. So that's what I did. And then I thought 'Oops.' And had another rummage about on the net, and came up with another model which is retailing for more, but which may be a potentially better bet.

My question is- should I cancel the original order and go for the more expensive option? Will I notice any difference *really* between the two? And if so, what? Any comparative reviews I can find online seem to be for gamers rather than designers... and although I do watch some films on my computer, it's more important that it isn't crap for designing with...

Links below. (Not Ebuyer, as they no longer have the s2409 in stock.)

PC Buy It
PC Buy It

Thanks sooo much for your help, in advance.
Not familiar with Dells. BenQ are meant to be very good low budget monitors. If you can afford a little more I suggest a NEC Multisync (I own a 1990SX and it's a fantastic piece of kit).