Large volume of note pads


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Can anyone recommend a good supplier to print note pads. I have got a job to place for 10,000 A4 note pads, 5,000 A5 note pads and 20,000 note pads together with about 5,000 post it note pads.

I have never really got involved in printed note pads before but we have a new client. The printers I use won't touch this type of volume so need a specialist. Can anyone recommend anyone?


Thanks for the reply:

The spec is:

10,000 x A4 note pad printed 2 colour
5,000 x A5 note pad printed 2 colour
7,5000 x A6 note printed 2 colour

All on 80gsm, with 50 sheets

The post it note pads are:

5,000 x A7 printed 2 colour, 50 sheets
2,500 x die cut post it notes printed 2 colour, cut to the shape of a house
1,000 x A6 sticky note pads, printed 2, 50 sheets

Can you e-mail me you best price with lead times [email protected]