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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a printing services company that can handle photographic prints over one metre tall and four metres (or more) wide.

My understanding is that the limiting factor is the carriage width because the paper comes on a roll, so the prints can be as long as you like in principle. I believe that the widest printer carriages are 1110mm and the rolls are 30m long.

The images that I want to print are digital, measuring 100,000 pixels across by 25,000 pixels wide, 24 bpp, and in Photoshop Large Document format. They need to be printed at 300dpi minimum on photographic paper, and I only want one copy of each.

Some questions:

1. Is 1110mm as wide as you can get?
2. I don't need a lot of copies so litho etc isn't appropriate, but giclee seems very expensive too. Is there a happy medium?
3. Who can do this work for me? I know some high-street printers can do it, but in my experience they do not offer pre-press consultation.

Thanks for any advice.
I should be able to find a solution for you

Hello Kilgore661

I'll pass this on to a colleague of mine and we will try to get back to you asap.

ATB, Craig.
I work with a digital printer who does this type of work,

your images only need to be set up at 100-150 dpi at full size.

they are based in west london.

pm me if you need some more info

and good luck.