Large format printing issue


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Hi everyone.

I have recently purchased a Canon ipf6400se refurbished to print wrapping paper / fine art prints.

The quality has been amazing for printing A1 sheets but when I start to move toward the longer sheets 4meters plus, the designs are losing res when they are printed. They are slightly pixelated on the edges.

Regarding the document, I am using a pattern made from a vector object. So there should not be any issues of resolution to do with the document itself.

What I did was create a second artboard identical to my (successful) A1 artboard and just increase the height to 5 meters. I then re-applied the pattern to the new artboard. When I zoom right up to the design it doesn't lose res at all.

I have set my size in printer preferences to 610x5000mm (same as artboard).

I am stumped as to why the quality is perfect on the A1 version and not the 5M length version when I am just using a repeating vector pattern in AI.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



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instead of scaling your artwork in the native programme.

Make a pdf and scale from this at the printer.

Make your doc 6.1x500
Apply scale at output.
See what happens