Label Printing


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Hey everyone

One of my best customers is after some bespoke labels printed. Doesn't have to be any great quality paper - only 1 of the labels is over-written (delivery info etc.) the rest are just info / trade name.

In the past they have been supplied with avery style labels, this time they have come back with some bespoke sizes but I am sure I can convince them to use "standard" sizes in the interest of saving money.

There are 4 labels, the biggest they have asked for 120x80 but I know they have had the 8-to-a-sheet Avery style for these in the past; two others they want 37x20 but I am pretty sure there is a similar size Avery sheet and the last is around 95x35 (need to double check that).

So it is really whether any of you can offer full colour print to Avery type sheets? 1000 of the biggest one and 400 of the other 3. Or if you can do the bespoke sizes they want?