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Mike B

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Hi All,

This is my first posting here, so hello to one and all.
My reason for joining has a commercial nature, so I think I'm posting in the right section, but Mods please feel free to let me know if I am not!

My history is one of casual design use, but I'm predominately in the technical and hardware design side. After working in the Kitesurfing industry for the last 10 years I set up my own UK based company 18 months ago. While I consider myself quite talented on the hardware side, the graphical skills that have brought me this far I feel need some help from the talented.

Please bear in mind that I'm not a multinational company, but a hands on UK based company starting out on an extremely tight budget, hence my call for help to an enthusiast base as opposed to a large agency!

To cut a long story short, I have one design under my belt, and am in the process of designing it's sister range - to be the high performance range to sit alongside the mainstream range. Having made a set of protos with the graphics you see below I'm only too aware that the design is (sadly - from an engineers perspective!) probably more important than the physical performance and think more talent is required!

I would like nothing more than to throw a load of money at this, but sadly that is one thing that I can not do at this point in time, but what I can offer is to provide whom ever's design is used a free board, you may place it on your wall (they are impressive in real life) - learn to kitesurf with it, or sell it on ebay - (their rrp is around £500).

I can supply some high res images to anyone, or the raw .ai file thus far,
The boards are sublimated (digital print) around 150dpi.. anything goes... 1.35m long, 40-44cm wide..
brand site as is ; Juice Kiteboarding

If you are interested in having a crack, please let me know!

Kind regards to one and all,


Thanks for the replies everyone...

some more information, for those considering...

There are 2 designs I am going to do;
- one is for freestyle - hardcore tricks and high energy riding - Like a very fast car!
- the other is a freeride board - for more multidiscipline styles... like an allrounder,
both are going to be expensive and higher end boards; they will be one of the most technologically impressive boards you can buy...

My demographic is a mix of two main people;
- Professionals of 25-40 (med/higher income and savvy people)
- Mainstream if less savvy bling lovers... (tradesmen, still decent income, ego centric individuals - kind of people who buy 4wd pickups then put low profile wheels on them)
- 95% male too...

(please do not take offense if you own a pickup or are a tradesperson - but if you have bad taste I can't help :icon_hide: )

Infact you may think my designs are rubbish - and I would guess that's why I'm here... :

Ultimately the brand will go international and for that the above descriptions have to work on a international market..

tough brief, but what I have is technical with a little style.. just looking to imporove on that...

I have put the .ai file I have been working on on a file sharing site - so if you are feeling creative and want an easy head start drop me a pm and I'll send you the link!

kind regards, one and all...

Hi Mike,

I dont know if this is of any interest to you, but we really enjoy making 3d product designs for all sorts of things.

We could very easily create 3d animations and renderings of kiteboards with your designs on - perhaps you could use them on your website or on your marketing material

Drop me a mail at [email protected] if you fancy brainstorming something like this..

Sounds really fun

Kind regards