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Hi There, I'm looking for some advice on sticker printing. I would like to get some kiss cut character sheet wall stickers printed for Children's bedrooms. I would like them to be on A3 or A2 sheets. Ideally on a repealable sticker. The size of the sheets and the amount printed initially are all depending on cost but i'm hoping for about 250 sheets for the first print run. I've spoken to a few printers and I cant seem to find anyone who offers this service. Can anyone help me and perhaps give me an idea of what kind of price I should expect for a job like this. Would it be worth looking into printing abroad (china for example). If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I have attached an example of the kind of character sheet I am looking to get printed although this isn't final and would probably need to be simplified.



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Have you considered having these printed onto white vinyl? I had some stickers made up in this way a while ago, and although they lacked the heft and stiffness of paper stickers, they did the job ok. It was really cheap too, though I did get a discount via mates rates.
Have you tried Diginate? They do wall stickers and custom shapes. I've used them a few times and have always had great service.
I may be able to be of assistance if the above suggestions aren't suitable for you.

Let me know and feel free to get in contact anytime.