Kinetic typography from series and movies


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Hi everybody
I am a graphic designer who recently made a new channel focusing on kinetic typography from series and movies.

One of my favorite dialogs is the intense sceen with Petyr Baelish and Varys in Game of Thrones. In Season 3 Episode 6 - The Climb. Petyr explains how spreading chaos, gives you power.

The entire video is composed and produced in Adobe After Effects.
It has been a long process and hard process as everything is self-taught. However, I have learned a lot, and am like that .. mostly satisfied.

Feel free to share your thoughts on it ✌

Yes, I like it. I can see there's a lot of work gone in to it, but watch those typos - 'Tousand' - is that cos he's Irish?!
I agree with Wardy, there’s a lot of work in there. I once did a project whereby I projected Dylan Thomas-related type onto a building. Took a long time to do the type animation.

What let’s you down here, apart from typos, are things like some words being machine condensed to fit in a space. That will make any typographer’s toes curl.

For me, what let it down the most was the kerning. Shocking in some places. It really let down what would have been a nice piece of work. Polish and details always make the difference with something like this. Well, everything really, but poor kerning really stands out on things like this. I am guessing you used a free font. It shows. Shame, as I say, it would have been lovely otherwise.