Kerning Advice


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Hi all - Wondered if anyone could give me some feedback regarding the kerning on the following:


The spacing looks quite consistent across the top. The AN could maybe be brought in towards the I a bit but I don't know if I'm just being fussy.
I'd say the first A needs coming into the R a tad and the I needs to come away from the B a tad and the N closer to the other A a tad.

Quick Tip: Squint your eyes and look at the spacing, see the text as shapes rather than letters.
CLHB is right, the first three characters look slightly loose and the 'I' is tight on the 'B', I'm not sure tweaking the kerning will totally fix it though.

Not sure the typeface is suited to being displayed full-caps like this, is it imperative you use this typeface? Or does it have small-caps you could try for the 'RABIAN' part? The 'ARA' in particular doesn't look comfortable all in upper-case because of the valley of negative space created by the two 'A's.