Just WOW!

Does that make your Code-Monkey senses tingle?

Ha, ha. It is making something tingle! Amazing that even 3 years ago a developer would have been reaching for the flash for that. Just goes to show that Apple get pretty much what they want nowadays. They are the new Microsoft :icon_wink:
Good. God. I want one.

Forgive the noob question, but if that's all HTML and CSS, why is this kind of scrolling a new thing (or is just that I haven't seen it before recent times)? Is it down to the development of browsers, or am I missing something? Clearly I have no idea about this stuff, so thanks to anyone who can humour me!
Its really laggy for me too which spoils it. This is the sort of site that would have been super smooth in flash, but because everyone hates flash now we opt for html / js. It almost works but isn't quite smooth enough - at least for me, i've tried on a laptop and even quad core workstation with 8gb ram and its still bloody laggy! Its a good attempt though although I have seen sites which perhaps dont try to do quite as much and/or optimised better and therefore are a lot smoother.

Its JavaScript which is doing most of the work which is used to manipulate the position of the different html / css styled elements for those that were asking.
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