Junior Freelancer Rates?


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Hey all, sorry if this topic has been covered extensively but I did search high and low and couldn't really find any concrete answers to my question, so hopefully some one will be able to help

I graduated this year in Graphic Design, and since then have been doing internships at several design studios around London. The place i'm currently interning has expressed an interest in taking me on, but they have concerns over the amount of work coming in at the moment. Their solution to this was to take me on, on a freelance basis, minimum 3 days a week (with the possibility of doing 5, depending on work load) for 3 months at a time, which they said will just roll on until they feel safe/expand the business.

However being a recent graduate, I have no idea how much I should expect as an hourly/daily rate as a junior. I've done research into salaries, but there isn't much information out there at a junior freelance level.

I spoke to my cousin who is a Senior Designer, and used to freelance, and he said he would expect it to be around £15 ph maybe even up to £20 in London, (although £20 sounds a a bit too high!) but he is slightly out of the loop with these things now he isn't freelancing.

I'm aware of the other factors that I need to take into consideration, sick days, holiday, travel, living expenses, the fact I may not be as experienced in certain areas ect, but I was hoping someone could give me a rough figure to go with.