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I moved from Dublin to London to start my professional Graphic Design career almost 3 yrs ago (with internships under my belt). Little did I know that the competition would have been so strong.
I have been trying to get a full time job in a studio but without luck.

I am posting on the forum for advice as I seem to have used all of my options and am at a loose end.
I've been emailing, phoning studios and have signed up to recruitment agencies all of which seems to end in disappointment.
Can any one give me some alternative advice?

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Hi Austin

Read around the forum and you'll find it is tough out there! You do just have to keep plugging at it - something will come up, I'm sure. Welcome to the forum - at least here we can all cry together!
Unless you want to sell your soul peopleperhour seems to be driving the price down...avoid if you can!
Unless you want to sell your soul peopleperhour seems to be driving the price down...avoid if you can!

I have to disagree to a certain extent. Its another avenue to earn money if you know where to look. Im fed up with people slagging off these sites, yes there is some crap on there but there is also some decent paid work to be had if you look carefully. Although this site is ok, there are also other sites that people turn there noses at but Ive done well from them, getting clients from places like New York, Sydney and New Zealand, of which I continue to get work for after building a decent working relationship with. I have friends who have also done well from these websites. So its not selling your soul ...
Yep but balls to them! If you write a decent enough description of what you can offer the client, Im finding at least 50% of them get back to me. Alot of those that way under bid are from countries where say £50 is a lot of money. I mention this sometimes in my bid but most who get back to me like the fact I spend some time on my brief and dont give out bullsh!t. But its not 100% obviously, some wont shift there budget, some are just cheap skates and expect the earth, but then I just say no and get onto the next one. I would say I have about a 95% customer come back and have had praise for my professionalism, which is always nice to hear! Ive had the odd donut believe me and Ive even had one come back to me after they went the cheap option and had a absolute nightmare with someone from Pakistan. I kindly told him 'I told you so' and also again, kindly, told him where to stick the job!

Everyone's different, it works for some, not for others but if you can even get a bit of money out of it, its better than nothing as times are tough enough as it is and if the customer comes back, then lovely jubbley!