Job Interview...You will all love this!


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Hi all, hope you all doing well.

I found out today that i didn't get a job i really wanted, so i asked for feedback!

Well it turns out i didn't say the right buzz words in the interview...this is not me being funny the firm actually had a list of words/phrases that if you said them you scored points on!

One question was, "what qualities do you have that would make you the perfect candidate?"

Well the HR lady told me that i lost out on points on this one because i didn't mention i was creative and can use a computer!

Emmmmm well i applyed for a job as a Graphic Designer and i have several qualifications in Graphics and Advertising which were on my Typed and emailed CV, that you read before i was asked for an interview.....
Oh and the small matter of a 20 page portfolio, a macbook with some flash adverts and the brochure presentation you made all the candidates do during the interview should have been enough of a clue that i was indeed creative and can use a computer!

What was i supposed to do walk in and say "hello im a designer, this means im creative and most of my work is done on a computer, this is the big white thing next to the telephone which i can also use!"

My god what am i supposed to do to get a job? if i hear "you were our second choice" one more time! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :p

Rant over, back to the job hunting
In a way, be glad you did not get it, those are the kind of companies that corrode you from the inside. You probably would have walked out after a couple of months anyway.

For any employers out there, I typed this message on a querty keyboard. That proves I can type...
The best one I ever had at interview was the head of design told me that the team were a close bunch but no one ever seemed to stay longer than 1-2 years. I got the job and guess what... 10 months!! :icon_biggrin: