Job Application Work Samples


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Hi everyone!

As I've started looking for another job again, I was wondering what peoples advice would be for supplying work samples with applications?

Should you just send a couple of examples? Should you send loads to show them everything you can do?

I know you should tailor each application, I currently send about 3 examples, is that about right?

Thanks for any help!

My advice would be to show no more than 5 examples of your work. The samples need to show your creativity, versatility and how your skills will be best suited to the job.

You need to leave the employers wanting to see more from you rather than showing them everything in your folio. Give them an excuse to call you in for an interview.

Make sure your work samples and CV have some design cohesion and check that your pdf file size is not too large - under 3MB would be ideal.

Would you show 5 of your most recent work, or add older stuff you think is good as well?
I agree with stthomas, a maximum of 5 examples is best, but a variety of different categories, corporate, small to medium business, old and new is sometimes good in my opinion. Definitely leave them wanting more though.
I don' think it matters if your work samples are not your most recent work. As long as it fully shows off your design capabilities and has some relevance to the design position you're applying for.