Jewellery business Logo?


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Im currently looking for a logo to be designed for my jewellery business.

If you are able to do this please reply to this post with how much you will be charging for this, and i will let you know the specs. The chosen artist's design will be credited on the site once its up and running and a link provided to a site of their choice.


Hi Jake

Please drop me an email with your outline requirements and I'll send you further details and an indication of pricing. Email can be found on my logo portfolio. :)

Mark :)
Hi Jake,
Same as Mark. if you could drop me an outline brief via e-mail i can put together a quote for you. Examples of previous logo work can be found on my website Pixels Ink

I am waiting a reply from a graphic design friend at the mo so will let everyone know whats happening when i get a reply. Thanks for the replies and i shall keep your contacts for future use.

Hi Jake

I'm probably abit late on this but if you could email/PM me the design brief I'd love to quote on your project. Examples of my work can be seen here: Portfolio

Hope to hear from you soon.
Thanks Gareth
hi jake

i also would be interested in hearing your outline of your brief and would be happy to help with any design or future projects that you had in mind.


Thanks for all the replies guys, To save me from PM'ing everyone i will post here a brief description as im not totally sure of the specs yet and the name im going to use.

Basically what i want is a logo for my jewellery business,(I was told this would have to be a vector image), about 216 pixels x 216 pixels, colours i havent decided but probably either pale blue / pale green/ pale pink / or pale purple.The logo will need to tell customers that the business is jewellery even without any wording with it.

Sorry this is a bit vague. If anyone can price this up as the specs stand, then please PM me with your price and estimated time it will take from me saying yes.


Hi Jake

do you still require quotes as I've only just spotted your reply?

thanks Gareth

Hi Gareth, i am planning to have a play with inkscape as iv never done a vector image before, but if you could submit your quote aswell and i will know for future reference incase i cant design for sh*t

I have recieved your PM and am just waiting reply from another designer. If i chose to use your design skills for my request i shall contact you via your website.