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Hi I'm Jeff Parker

I'm a freelance illustrator and designer based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. I've been supplying work direct to clients and agencies for over 20 years, here are a few of my past clients-
The IEE (now IET)
BBC Television
BBC Magazines
Dennis publishing
Bauer publishing
The Royal Albert Hall
National Farmers Union
The Daily Mail
The Daily Telegraph
Northdoor PLC
Total Systems PLC
And many, many advertising and design agencies too numerous to mention here!

But in the wake of recent financial events (Oh thank you so very much Uncle Sam!) I have decided to start offering my services to a wider cross section, including the general public. I'm putting a website together as we speak offering a cartooning/caricaturing service for personalised gifts leaving cards etc.
Here are a few samples-





And here is a taster of how the website is going to look, I’ve been sending this out as an e-mailer to various companies, colleagues and acquaintances.

Thanks all. Well the site is all layed out, now I just need to build it. Should be up before Christmas.

But wouldn't you know I've just spent this week illustrating Christmas cards for people so it's been pushed back!

As soon as it's up I'll let you all know.

I work with some other guys from a small studio, you can check out our collective work here. If you like anything give me a call, ask for Jeff.
Great work, a diverse range of styles.
Do you use illustrator/photoshop or both.
I'm always curious if people start out by handdrawing first or if they do it all digitally?