Javascript For Beginners



Since I'm back into a job with normal hours again, I've decided it's time to learn myself some new skills. I think Javascript will be my first thing to get into as it'll accompany my HTML and CSS knowledge.

Does anyone have any recommendations of where would be the best sites to learn? Currently I'm using the W3schools site. The past couple of days it hasn't seemed ok to learn but now I'm getting into functions and variables, it's getting a bit more confusing.



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W3Schools can be an unreliable place to learn as some of their information is incorrect.

As a next step from html / css jQuery is a great option - it's a javascript libary that allows you to use CSS selectors to target elements on the page and is pretty easy to get the jist off once you know html and css.

Here's a link to get you started - Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials - there's loads of documentation on the web.

I also couldn't recommend this video course high enough : The jQuery Course Prerelease - Learn jQuery


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I recommend the fourth edition of Javascript in easy steps. It takes you all the way from the basics, to DOM manipulation and an introduction to AJAX. It makes a great desk side reference.

I also agree with tbwcf with regard to looking at jQuery too.