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Thought I'd get some feedback on a flyer template concept I've been working on lately. It's likely to be the first of several, each aimed at a different sector.

I'm somewhat unsure about the handrawn background but I'm struggling to think of a more graceful way of incorporating it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Really bad masking on the dude on the front.

Use a rich black for the swoosh.

Call us in Yellow is completely lost - how about using a phone icon that stands out on the page as the call to action.

What other designs have you got? That's 1 option. What's the others?

Do you have to use the hand drawn background or can you pick the background?
Hi Ric,

Overall compostion works. Think your spacing is ok too good use of colour

The 'Your vision | Our Expertise' looks like it could benefit from a slightly weightier font. Maybe a medium? I like to choose a typeface that has a lot of
variations in weight and style.

Is the opening paragraph justified? I would have it left aligned, personally not a fan of justified unless in a magazine or something along those lines.

Think the bullet point text could do with enlarging a little and possibly develop some icons for each? or lift one from the background.
Either that or redraw yourself, that way the bullet points will link as examples of what is on offer from the pool of skills within the background then suggests
that there are lots more on offer. So as an example Cloud storage the obvious one being a cloud, security a key or padlock.

I presume the guy has been lifted from a coloured background and feathered? or have you added an inner glow or some sort of effect within photoshop?
It is the feathered effect what is the visual distraction. Sharp edges are fine, I would maybe give a very subtle drop shadow with like 28% opacity or something,
then pick a blue from the background as opposed to the harsh black normally used. Knock some other concepts out but with another bloke on it or with a girl or both.

I agree the yellow is lost and looks a little out of place. I would use the colour picker and select a colour from the existing image/background.
That way you will keep the colour palette the same within the whole document. Depending on the subject matter 3-4 colours is often enough.
I would also have that number in a bold have it really punchy and standing out. That is afterall the focus of the piece to get them calling?

Hope something of use there

First impression is it's not too bad, but if this is to be a flyer, they're generally A5 in size and I'd worry that the type is a little too small in places, such as the address.
Hi guys. Many thanks for the feedback. Some really useful stuff here.

yeah, the cutouts looking pretty rough. Mainly due to my inexperience with the quickselect tool in ps.
Colours and font sizes have been adjusted now and I've replaced the call me sign with an icon now.

The ha drawn background stuffs been revived a it too. Original concept was somewhat non specific in how to incorporate them. I'll add the updated version tonight (on the bus right now) and hopefully get your perspectives.

Thanks again.

Hi guys. As mentioned previously here's an updated take with most of the feedback applied. As you can see the model and orientation have been changed - mainly to compliment/give some breathing space to the thought bubble. While I prefer the portrait orientation I think this one is more effective as a whole. Thoughts?

Thanks again guys.IT Flyer - V2.jpg
How about using icons for the bullet points?

Web (Globe), Cloud (cloud icon), Network (computer network), Security (lock)
Agree about the use of icons. Don't use justified text. It's not easy to read (look at the varying spacing between words), and should only really be used for large columns of text. I'd use a slightly heavier weight for 'Your Vision | Our Expertise" too, currently it's a bit weak.
Thanks again guys. It's coming along well and I'll be finalizing things tonight. Gave the icons a try although I'm somewhat undecided between the squares and icons as bullets.


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