Is this property theft? What should I do?

So it seems I am 2 for 2.

My first ever client we agreed to exchange service for service I helped him and he disappeared without reciprocating.

My second client wanted a Logo. So I made some rough concepts and sent them his way. 3 weeks later he has the balls to email me showing me finished logos of my rough concepts done by a totally different designer he hired.

Is that considered property theft? what should I do?

Secondly I have had 2 clients and I have been screwed 2 times, so far a 100% screw over rate. Is this a sign of whats to come, is the graphic industry this corrupt and dirty? or is this more of a bad luck coincidence situation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you have a contract or deposit with either of them? If not, you got screwed - consider yourself in the club and get a standard services agreement drafted for next time...

Also, never, ever agree to service to service exchange. It's bad for the industry and bad for the economy (unless you live in the 14th century).

Sorry buddy, it's sad but it happens. There's a tonne of stuff out on the web about ruthless clients taking designers along for the ride, most of which reads like your story. Read, absorb, learn, and avoid.
Totally agree with printbar I'm afraid. It's about sorting your business practices. We've been there a few times in the beginning but soon learnt not to lift a finger for a client until you have a deposit at least. If someone doesn't want to pay a deposit because 'they want to see tha quality of work you produce' then, chances are, they'll do the dirty on you.

Sorry, c'est la vie.
Agree with previous two postings. Clear, concise and spot-on.

Publish your t&cs. You've made a mistake twice - don't go for the treble.
at least this time I only spent 45 min most making the roughs so it wasn't a huge time waste.

Anyone know of a good site to read up on the most common ways rookies get screwed and the ways to avoid?
Anyone know of a good site to read up on the most common ways rookies get screwed and the ways to avoid?

Business forums are probably a good place to start. Lots of SME owners sharing experience and good practice. Other than that it is about experience and looking out for the danger signs.
Come to an agreement first before doing any work. Write a letter stating what you are going to do and for how much. As long as they have the letter and you have a copy you have an agreement. Whilst t&cs are all very well you don't need to have them for every job.

It is a sad fact of life that some people are out to cheat/screw others... and some of us get screwed!