Is this a reputable font website?


Hi all,

Just a quickie, I've been forwarded to fontsgeek[dot]com by a style guide for a project I'm working on to source a copy of one of their fonts.

Has anyone used that site before/can anyone vouch for its legitimacy?

Going by the name/site it looks pretty kosher, and it wouldn't surprise me if it's a really common staple for other designers - but I want to be sure.

The style guide is from a super well known household name, but it explicitly accepts no liability for the font licensing, plus fonts are one thing that I always try and be totally watertight on.





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It looks like it's a site for font designers to upload their fonts to share with people for free. I downloaded a few of the fonts and none came with licensing options or details of a license.

Usually fonts have a Licence or a EULA - but these don't seem to.

If they provided the style guide and they supplied the link to download the font then that's their copyright tangle to untangle if it ever comes to it.

They may say they accept no liability for font licensing, but they can't do that if they supplied the font/website to obtain the font. They are legally responsible whether they like it or not.