Is this a legit course to do?

Dave Wright

New Member
Hi there, currently in a full time job but want to get involved in the Graphic Design/Web Design industry and hopefully in the future make this my career. Now I have little experience in this industry at the moment and in terms of doing a degree, I can't really afford to leave my job to do this and University of off putting for me. I found this website from a company in Australia who run a certificate IV in design course covering alot of aspect of this industry I want to get into. The qualification ends in the equivalent of an NVQ3.
The website I came across is Graphic and Web Design Courses | The Graphic Design School
Hopefully some of you can give me some advice and information and lead my in the right direction, but that course looks great!

Cheers Dave
I don't know mate, despite being Australian (although a UK'er for many years now) that doesn't ring any bells. Morover it is BLOODY expensive for essentially an online tutorial.