Is there anyone available to offer web design Lessons (Dreamweaver)


Hi guys,

I need a tutor who can help me finish a site that I am building. I'm willing to pay. I just need to get it finished as I've been building it for ages now. Is anyone available or know someone that can?

Thanks :icon_rolleyes:
How do you really expect someone on here to teach you? You either need to go on a course (either online or local) or find someone local who is willing to sit down with you day in day out and teach you. If what you are after is to learn then they are the ways to go and expect it to be a long process. If all you want is your site doing then just hire a designer and pay them to do it.
Hi Boss Hog,

I'm an aspiring web designer so I don't need anyone to build my site for me. I've attended 2 short courses which have been useful but not ideal. Too much information was crammed into the courses and the tutors can only give each student x amount of attention. I've also had 1-1 website tuition which is what I prefer as they can be tailored to my own particular needs. I'm looking for a tutor who can help me finish a site that I am building for a client . Its nearly finished but there are some issues that I need help with. I may then need some help to finish building my own site. Just to get to where I am now has taken a great deal of time so I'm under no illusion that learning will be a walk in the park.
Hi Spotty,

Do you know any that you could recommend. I've seen some but I think I learn best with a tutor.