Is my portfolio good enough? Please feedback


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Hi everyone.

I am struggling with finding a new job in graphic design sphere as an employee not a freelancer. I am working as a graphic designer at a small company for more than 6 months, but want to move to the bigger city and change the job. I have been making graphics for a long time, I started with vector graphics and last year I have begun with banners and overall with Adobe Creative Suit.

I have a title from a different field of study, but in my country people do not pay attention to the education of graphic designers as in other countries (as I know).

I am not sure if I have a strong portfolio to find a new job. I have been looking for almost two months and answered to 23 job offers (10 of them are new and I still have not had an answer) and I attended only 2 job interviews. Need to say not every job offer was explicitly for juniors.

I work so hard… Last few months I was focused to my portfolio and remake my website (I did it all on my own, learnt HTML and CSS), made an interactive pdf CV, started to learn video editing and motion graphics, I try to make new stuffs, banners, adds, my own projects.

But maybe it is not good enough. Maybe I do not do enough… And maybe these feelings are normal in finding a new job. But I do not find a lucrative job offer, a smaller salary is enough for me. Maybe there is really a lot of competition. But I tell myself that if I have already managed to find a job in a graphic design, I will be able to do it again. besides, I have come a long way since then.

I will be really pleased if someone from this field could give me a feedback to my portfolio. You can find in here: Lenka Zimová aka Sariklen (+ here and here are hidden projects)

Sorry that my web is not in English language, it will be soon. Now just look at the design itself.

Thanks for advice, feedback or your story.
I encourage you to keep networking, seeking feedback, and applying to opportunities that align with your goals.
Hi Sariklen,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been struggling to find another job. That is common for everyone nowadays (not only designers). Finding a job is not easy! Also, I congratulate you for your hard work and persistence; you will get there!

Now, about your portfolio. My first recommendation is that you need to fix your website as soon as possible. All the pages take years to load, so it is not optimized at all. I couldn't even see all your projects because it was taking days to load each image! Imagine if someone with the intention like me just decided not to watch it all, think of the hiring person who won't even stay on your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. I respect that you want to create and learn everything by yourself, but sometimes you need to go little by little (you can't pretend to know it all). So if web development is not your strength at the moment, I recommend you use other platforms like Vimeo or Behance to show your work. Then maybe later with experience, you can create your own website :)

Also, I got the impression that your portfolio was mainly illustrations and you included several images of illustrated people. Try to make it simpler and pick only the best projects you have and show a little bit of diversity in your work as well.

Good luck!