Is it possible to make the blur effect in Adobe Illustrator more efficient

I use Adobe Illustrator in which to draw. When using effects such as blurring, I've noticed significantly better results when scaling up the image to the maximum size of the art board. However, the trade off is that the scale-up usually consumes a lot of memory, inflates the file size and slows down the drawing process. Where possible, I try to use more economic alternatives such as gradients but sometimes only the blur effect will do the job. Does anyone know of a way in the programme to make the blur effect more efficient when scaling up?
Hi there, I remember when I created a heavy shadow as part of my flyer design, Illustrator struggled to render the artboard, however I was using a low performance machine :(

May I ask the specification of your work machine, considering that I find Illustrator more lightweight than Photoshop from working experience?
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