Is flash dev dead?


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Quite a lot of my degree was spent working in flash and director and I really enjoyed it at the time but never took it any further. Fast forward 7 years and I'm wondering if it's worth re-visiting with a view to a slight career side step? In your opinion is flash development still alive and kicking or has it had it's day?..
I do already have a compitent working knowledge of Flash but not to the level that I'd be happy to use it commercially so would be looking for dedicated training to bring me up to standard but as you say, if I do it I'd probably be better off investing my time in HTML5.

I'm in the same situation really but have a feeling I won't get the opportunity to use it much now. I also learned Flash on my degree course. At the time it was AS 2.0, but I've re-taught myself AS 3.0 so have very good knowledge of both.

Luckily I can work in Flash pretty quick so although I don't possess the HTML knowledge for building and developing websites, I regularly do mock ups in Flash so my clients get a feel of how their site might look and work. Which I can then pass on to a developer after.

But as annoying as it is, and like the above poster said, Apple have already said they're going to begin stopping mobile Flash development. They've already steered away from it on the iPad.

And now that HTML5 can do pretty much what Flash was designed to do, but better, Flash, online at least is on it's way out.
Yup. Flash is a cul de sac as a career path now. Learn HTML5 and Jquery and your skills will be in demand.
Agreed, more and more people seem to be heading towards using javascript for animations etc. I wouldn't recommend the use of Flash to a client