Is - cmsmart ecommerce solutions - Trustworthy?


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Hello, we are a printshop, working mostly for regional clients. As we want to upgrade our business with a website with customizable greeting cards, we are currently looking for a trustworthy woocommerce plugin.
Searching "custom greeting cards" plugins, we stumbled over "cmsmart ecommerce solutions" (nbdesigner / wcdesigner pro) pretty fast. Now, the trial plugin works, and the customer service is active, but not really helpful.
I researched them a bit after I saw that they are using European looking avatars (with typical english names), but are clearly Vietnam based and operated. I grew suspicious. But still, almost all reviews are "excellent" (except a very few that clearly try to warn you that the company is a fraud).
My questions:
- Does anyone here know this company & it's reputation?
- Does anyone can recommend a reliable e-commerce plugin for a user customizable printshop?
Thank you in advance!
There's a few listed on Captera that you might find useful.
My experience led me down the path of finding someone local that I can all on if needs be.

I used to use ROI360 but found it a bit outdated and moved to other more robust platforms.

I did find someone in Ireland just cannot remember their name it was so long ago.

They were able to build a platform that integrated printed of flyers for promotions etc all the way to pushing the advert to the Screens in store to back the promotion. So when the leaflets arrived at the shop the advert was already playing.

There's some really good companies - but finding them is a nightmare from what I remember.

You'll have to go through a site like Captera who have a comparison of them and click in each and read through them.

My advice is to email as many as you can - setup calls and meetings.

Don't worry about the WooCommerce plugin thing - mostly anything can be connected with APIs
Thanks for the tip. I'll check out Captera. I'm completely on your side regarding the local companies. But we only have that amount of a budget and it didn't match with web developers from our region. That's why we try to find a pre-build platform that we can set up for our needs.
We'll see.
have a good day
Don't be thinking that local companies cant compete with pricing.

I had a workflow where all the Promotional posters were created by the person who logged in with prebuilt assets and update the text with a font and size that were predetermined.

It had an approval system with their own managers.

Once approved - it would go directly to the printing company.

I didn't even have to touch it.
Once it was setup - the interaction happened and went direct to print.

It was truly wonderful. are not to be trusted. I purchased 2 of their products and they never delivered. Major communication issues.