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Hi all,

a little while ago I posted about developing an iPhone business app, asking for some graphic designer type input. Finally the app is live and released, and now it's time for us to tell folk about it.

To that end, and to hopefully provide something besides just lurking, I'd like to offer a promo code to whoever's interested and wants to take a look. There is no requirement for feedback (though constructive criticism and/or 'I like that' comments are always gratefully received). I have a handful of promo codes allocated to GDF and will happily send one on to anyone sending me a PM. I'm not here to marketeer (if that's a word) so won't go on about what the app does... apart from saying it sends PDF quotes and invoices via email to clients/prospective clients based on your work items.

We do have a 'lite' version as well, which does has the same functionality but is limited in the number of quotes and invoices you can have at any one time (just in case someone didn't want to PM me, and rather checked it out by themselves).

One caveat is that we've built the app to use the iOS 5+ (purely development reasons, we understand a proportion of folk are still on the older iOS), so it'll need at least an iPhone 3GS to install it.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I'd be interested in looking at the lite version before committing or using up one of your promo codes. Whats the name of your app?
Hi Big Dave,

I've PM'd you a promo-code. I believe the promo-code redemption process is simple enough, though I've yet to try it.

The app name? That's a damn good question, and something you'd have thought I'd have answered in the original post. I have summarily executed myself for my marketing failure! My only excuse is that I posted it when I should have been doing something else (like putting in the app name!).

To correct myself, and to supply the answer to the question, it is:
Apt Invoice
Apt Invoice Lite


Lite: a marketing move that mite work. Or mite just be shight.