iPhone app question


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I build websites mainly in Drupal so maybe this belongs in one of their forums. I realise I really need to get into building apps or websites that are optimised for mobile devices. I already make sure they fit within the screen size of most mobile devices.

I'm new to this side of website development so forgive my naivety. But which is best. And if you have an app of a website, and you update the website, does the user then have to update the app in order to see them or does this happen automatically?

What's the best process?

Hi there,

for iOS apps you'd build a web view into the app, and then get it to retrieve data from your server when it starts up. That way when your client updates his website your app will show the new data without the user having to update their app in any way. You could have the site check for an iPhone (or other mobile device) user-agent to deliver the content, but I guess you already know that. I was just trying to find a way of filling in a rather short response :)