ipad 2 and corelsuite

Apologies if this question seems dumb.
I am more familiar with software than hardware (always had an IT department to take care of that in the past).

My question is this;
Can I run Corel Suite on an ipad 2 (or PC tablet)?

I want to purchase corel suite and have to make a decision about what to buy PC/MAC/laptop/etc . . . well you get the idea.

I have been out of the workforce for a while (full-time mum) but want to get back to some creative work (preferably from home).
Already have a PC (XP) bit want to get something dedicated to just graphics that I don't have to share with rest of the family. Any opinions before I commit to buying would be appreciated.

Very software savvy but can't say the same for hardware so please keep it non technical.

Tried Corel and Apple website but no joy as I do not own any products (yet).:icon_confused:
The iPad 2 doesnt run a full operating system like a Laptop for instance so it cant run full applications that you would get on a desktop or laptop running windows, or a mac running mac osx. iPad or iPad 2 has more in common with an ipod touch as it runs similar software, it just has a bigger screen.

You might get a lightweight coral app but then because an iPad 2 runs iOS which is totally locked down, you are limited to how you can share / print files. You cant just plug a device into the iPads usb port since it doesn't have a usb port - you have to buy an extra connector, but then apple control what usb peripherals will work which will be limited. Personally I wouldnt get an iPad for any serious work. I would get a laptop for that.
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thanks richimgd

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question.
I kind of thought that might be the case but didn't really know much about the ipad.
That's pretty much cleared that up.