INWTech - logo for a robotics laboratory

Ts all fairly meaningless without some sort of context. What is the problem you are trying to solve. For whom? What Is the target market? Consumer? B2B? Etc, etc. without this information, all we can judge are the aesthetics.

For that, I think there is a disconnect in the relationship between the icon and the type. You have tried to get it to fit on the image of the hand. If you took that image away, I think youd find the icon didn’t sit well with the type.

The kerning in the name needs looking at. Is it meant to be?…
INW Tech
INWT ech
INW T ech

iKerning is better in the secondary line, but still needs addressing. However, this second line is pretty small relative to the company name. If you took the logo down to say business card size, or if you needed to have it embroidered on a company shirt, would it be legible?

The font and image has an appropriately techy feel, if a little on sci-fi cliché side.

it is better than a lot I have seen, but just needs a little more care and attention to detail. If something looks unpolished, this lack of attention to detail reflects on the company. If something is really tight and we’ll crafted, it makes the company look like they care About the details. Even subliminally this works. For example, you want to think your bank are attentive and accurate. If their logo had sloppy kerning, what would the think you’d take away from that?

Hope this helps.