Invitation to tender for the re-design of BRIDGE Cutting Edge Programmes


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This is an invitation to tender for work to update the identity of BRIDGE Cutting Edge programmes, and to design publications and other products from the programmes.

Background information

The BRIDGE programme is part of IDS Knowledge Services, a department within the Institute of Development Studies that aims to facilitate and inform debate, advocacy, research and policy to stimulate action for positive social change.

BRIDGE facilitates the generation and exchange of relevant, accessible and diverse gender and development information in print, online and through other innovative forms of communication. This supports the needs of policymakers, practitioners, advocates and researchers in bridging the gaps between gender theory, policy and practice to make gender equality happen. BRIDGE targets both gender and non-gender specialists in an effort to ensure gender is central to all development thinking and practice, and to inspire transformation in attitudes, policies and legislation.

BRIDGE has been producing Cutting Edge Packs since 2001. The packs focus on a range of carefully chosen themes, and they have incorporated three elements:

  • The overview report
  • The In Brief bulletin
  • The supporting resources collection

Examples of these can be found here.

In 2009 we decided to change to Cutting Edge Programmes. Instead of the previous sole focus on producing the publications (the pack), we moved towards a programmatic approach; a publication is produced, but the programmes involve a range of other activities along the way, and collaborative working with partners is a key element. More details on the latest programmes can be found here.

The latest Cutting Edge programme is on gender and social movements. We do not want to produce a traditional Cutting Edge Pack as described above. We would like to update the design and format, as set out below.


The work we are putting out to tender falls into two stages.

Stage one

The initial creation of a new identity/look and feel for the BRIDGE Cutting Edge programmes. This new, more modern identity should incorporate the existing BRIDGE logo and retain some features of the old look so that our users will still recognise it – we see it as an evolution/update rather than a complete redesign.

The new identity must fit across all the Cutting Edge programme elements so that they make up a family of co-branded products. These are:

  1. Overview report (up to 80 pages, full colour, A4, with images and up to 10 data visualisations, report style)
  2. In Brief bulletin (8 page booklet, A4, full colour, with images and up to 2 data visualisations, newsletter style, 3 versions – English, French and Spanish)
  3. Supporting resources collection (up to 72 pages, A4, report style, may not be printed, to be supplied as PDF, may take the form of a CD attached to the back cover of the overview report or a branded USB stick)
  4. Mini website (page styling based on wire frames which we will supply)
  5. It is unlikely that any of our individual Cutting Edge programmes will produce both of items 3 and 4 above – rather there will probably be either one or the other. But we would like to have both options available within the newly branded family of products.

Stage two

Once the new identity has been designed and approved, the next stage of work is to apply it to the family of products due to come out of the Cutting Edge programme on gender and social movements. These are an overview report, an In Brief bulletin and a mini website.


These are examples of some other reports and mini-sites that we like.


Weathering the Storm: adolescent girls and climate change
(for the simple, clear layout).
Progress of the World’s Women (for the use of data visualisation).

For our overview report we would like to keep the following features which have proved popular with audiences using the report for learning and teaching purposes:

  • Text is placed in one column per page
  • Text is well spaced for easy reading
  • There is plenty of room in the margins for making notes.

Mini sites

Children in an urban world site


The work will be subject to deadlines that fit in with the writing, editing and publication dates of our gender and social movements Cutting Edge programme.

Stage one

The new Cutting Edge programme identity creation should be completed and approved by the end of 2012.

Stage two

  • Applying the identity to the mini website will take place in April 2013
  • Applying the identity to the overview report will take place in June 2013
  • Applying the identity to the In Brief bulletin will take place in July 2013
  • It is anticipated that the successful contractor will go on to apply the new identity to the family of products involved in the next Cutting Edge programme on gender and food security, due for publication in 2014.
  • The indicative budget for this work is:
  • Between £1,000 and £2,000 for stage one – initial creation of the new identity (developing and supplying 2-3 options).
  • Up to £3,500 for stage two – applying the new identity to the products due to come out of the Cutting Edge programme on gender and social movements.

How to respond

We would like you to provide:

  • Information on why you are interested in this work
  • Descriptions and links of other relevant portfolio projects
  • A quote for the cost of the work (broken down by stage)
  • Estimated timescales for each stage
  • Any assumptions and conditions made
  • References

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a meeting here at IDS, where they will be asked to present one prospective idea for the new identity.

Please send your application to [email protected] by 15th October 2012.
You can also contact Amy Thompson with any informal enquiries about the tender before this date.