Interviewing Madness


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As I often do, I attended an interview for a company. I only ever put my CVs to the top printing companies in the country - well why not? Might as well work for the biggest and the best and get some more money right?

Anyway - I went to an interview today and I was going through my work and my experience and all my life story and it was all going well until that bombshell of a line was delivered

"You're over qualified"

I'm getting that a lot lately, every job I apply for and every position. But this time I got to the interview stage before hearing it.

Surely, looking at my CV they'd know I was over qualified before calling me.

Why did they bother interviewing me?

Basically what I've decided is a new strategy from now - just end the interview if they say
  • You're over qualified
  • or if the salary is far too low to even consider

Any of you guys ever ended your interview?
Yes several times, don't waste your time with people like this. I sound totally harsh l:-/ but its true...

I am just upfront with everything before hand now and say over the phone...what exactly is involved in the role and what is you salary range? But maybe thats years of freelancing. I just think companies should stop pretending that you go to work for the pure love of it... I love my job but I'm not going to do it for free...and besides which, interviews are expensive, travel, time faff etc...

Anyway good luck :) and remember your interviewing them! so feel free to end the interview its your time...
Well in this case the money was good. So I just sidestepped the questions and pretended I wasn't bothered I was overqualified.

As it transpired, the person interviewing me was the "creative director" and was working there a year. I'm pretty sure they figured out I knew more than they did and just said I was overqualified. Shortly after they said that the other person interviewing asked them to leave, and was very impressed.

Asked about notice and salary and all that - which doesn't normally happen in 1st interview.