Internship/Work Experience Wanted - Nottingham - 2011

I was advised by a member of this forum to seek a mentor to guide me , who has experience within the branding area of design to get my portfolio upto scratch. I'm not really interested as such in flyer design or any other kind of design , well... I am interested but branding has always been my forte , and fonts , typography and branding are what I thrive at , so yeah I'm sure you've seen my latest works on these forums.

Additionally , any branding agencys that offer internships or work experience for next summer please email me also , within the NOTTINGHAM NG1 area of the east midlands.

If you wish to contact me please

Email me on : [email protected]

Phone me on : 07543 646708 - Mobile

(Please be aware that I am only 16 and don't usually answer calls from random people so if you are going to phone me, email me first please).