Internship - Exciting Opportunity Watford Area


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Hi, we are an exciting, small company based in the Watford / Croxley Green area of Hertfordshire. We supply T shirts to Topman, River Island, Primark, Sports Direct, Urban Outfitters, Burton, Next and others. We now also have our own online store which sells word wide as well as on eBay & Amazon. We are looking for a intern to join us for up to 6 months on an expenses only internship. We are looking for a bright forward thinking graphic design intern who understands the retail high street and also, online e-commerce market globally. Applicant must be able to use Photoshop to a high standard and also, must be able to work in all areas of our business. A good knowledge of the music industry is also essential. Our own online store is Welcome to Henry Hardpad - Exclusive, original and rare music themed fashion, homeware and accessories, Unofficially Yours! So, if you think you have got what it takes and you are interested in joining a very exciting small company with an BIG future email to Danny at [email protected] with your CV and full info about you. We are looking for someone immediately, so, speed is of the essence.
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